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Thrive Church - Extension Loan Fund

Thrive Church was a re-launch effort of an existing church in Redemption Ministries VA IPHC. Bellwood PH Church had a great history in the IPHC but recently fell on tough times. At one point, Bellwood PH Church, was one of the biggest and most predominant churches in the Eastern VA IPHC (Redemption Ministries) Conference. They made a bold jump in the late 90's to purchase an indoor tennis club. Over the next several years they declined until they were down to 25 people on Sunday mornings.

Pastor Kevin Bordeaux partnered with Redemption Ministries via Acts2Day Ministries. Kevin was planting a church in South FL and knew it was time to transition. Bishop Dayton Birt, Kevin Bordeaux and the congregation decided to do a "re-launch" with a new name and missional emphasis for their community.

September 30th, 2012 they hosted a "Grand Opening" Service on the same day of their 62 year anniversary of Bellwood PH. After much prayer and planning there were 220 people that attended this "re-launch" service.

Since then Thrive Church has seen 50+ people come to Christ and recently baptized 16 people at their first baptism bash in 2013. They are partnering with local schools and agencies to help their community and share the Gospel. They are a relevant church with robust small groups and effective outreach ministry. Thrive has grown from 25 people in June of 2012 to over 140 in February 2013. They have seen 700% growth and their giving has grown 120% since June 2012.

"This re-launch would not have been possible without the help of the Extension Loan Fund of the IPHC. They were able to help us (Thrive Church) refinance an existing loan while combining a construction loan and still able to decrease their overall mortgage payments in order to get the finances stable again. Stephen Hanscom was a huge help. He stayed in direct contact with us (Thrive) and Redemption Ministries. He made every step simple. The Extension Loan Fund is more than a 'loaning agency,' they are a Kingdom minded and Spirit-led group that partners with the local church. We would not be where we are today without their help," says Pastor Kevin Bordeaux of Thrive Church.

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IPHC Extension Loan Fund, Inc.

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