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Redemption World Outreach

Redemption World Outreach Center was founded in 1991 by Pastors Ron and Hope Carpenter. When the ministry began there were only three members and the first service was held in a cinderblock warehouse. Redemption met there for three years until God blessed them with their first building on 74 Byrdland Drive. Shortly after this relocation, the congregation grew to over 200 members.

With outreach as the focus of Redemption, souls were being saved weekly and the church soon added a second Sunday service. Though the original name of the church was Redemption Outreach Center, it was quickly changed to Redemption World Outreach Center because the church had extended its hands to people throughout the United States and the world—the current membership is in excess of 14,000.

In addition to weekly television programs, Redemption has received national attention for its innovative worship style. Redemption feels truly blessed by God, where hundreds of souls are being brought into the Kingdom of God each year. Redemption now holds multiple services in its sanctuary, as well as in its satellite campuses in Asheville and Charlotte, NC.

In 2008, Redemption World Outreach Center constructed the Imagine Center, a fitness facility designed to reduce crime rates, take kids off the street, restore bodies, and transform lives in a Christian environment. A place to develop the whole person by exercise to lose weight, regain health, and increase energy and stamina for life and connect with other people to build lifelong friendships.

This facility is just one more outreach designed to bring people into a relationship with Jesus. For Redemption, although the fitness facility is a marvel of innovation and technology, it's not the building that is the focus as Pastor Ron Carpenter Jr. states that “The building is never the end. We’ll never use people to build a building, but I will forever use a building to build people.”

Unlike any other fitness facility, profits from the Imagine Center are put directly back into community development, inner city outreach, job connection services, teen impact, crime prevention, small business startup initiatives, and other community programs focused on improving quality of life in South Carolina.

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