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Light of the World

Light of the World - Extension Loan Fund

Against all known financial constraints, Eddie & Imelda Aguinaldo, Pastors of Light of the World Ministries, pressed through the odds and grounded their stake of faith believing for the property on 970 Ahua Street (in one of the major warehouse hubs in Honolulu, HI) and claiming the property to be theirs. The warehouse that used to be a furniture depot has now morphed into a beautiful multi functional church facility. It is still a working progress, but true to its name, LOTW serves the community, shedding light to the hurting and darkened community in Honolulu.

The Extension Loan Fund of the IPHC worked tirelessly with the Aguinaldos and Director of the Pacific Realm District, Greg Hood, in going through the process of paperwork paramount to the validity and legality of the purchase of property in the state of Hawaii. It was November 11, 2011 when Imelda, popularly known as “Pastora Melle” among her constituents, began to pray for a facility for their church. Three days later, she drove pass the building at 970 Ahua Street and immediately called the realty company that had the warehouse listed. The appraised value of the buiding was $587K. The asking price was $450K. Four months later (April), ELF and the Aguinaldos began the process to buy the property. Five months later, on September 8, 2012 to be exact, Eddie & Imelda held in their hands the keys to the warehouse! After having gone through mind numbing processes of purchasing property in Hawaii, on November 11,2012 exactly one year after Pastora Melle prayed for a facility, the entire District joined together in celebrating with the Aguinaldos and Light of The World Ministries the miraculous favor and gift of God to His people. To top it all off, the closing price was not $450K; it wasnʼt even $200K. The property was acquired with one time offer of $80,000 and we got it! How it all happened? Only God can explain that. All we know is that we joined with the Aguinaldosʼ relentless prayers. God in His good graces, oblige.

Several churches gave this building a cold shoulder. They reckoned it to be one that does not or will not serve a purpose. To this date, many “curious georges” have stopped by and all echo a lot of “ohhs” and “ahhs” as they survey the facility. One appraiser even gave an estimate that the facility could be worth as much as $587,000.00.

Our human impossibilities are Godʼs possibilities. With this we say “This is the Lordʼs doing, it is marvelous in our eyes”!- Psalm 118:23

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IPHC Extension Loan Fund, Inc.

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Dirección de Envío:

IPHC Extension Loan Fund, Inc.

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